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First-time Mum Positive Birth at Lewisham Birth Centre

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A few months after our Hypnobirthing class, I was delighted to hear first-time Mum Lucy had an amazing positive birth in Lewisham Birth Centre in Greenwich, exactly as she had planned. Here's Lucy telling her story in her own words:

"I had a sweep on my due date and started having contractions 3 hours later. I was on and off for 24 hours with all of the distraction techniques, lots of walking, Netflix (but not so much chill haha) and essential comb squeezing going on (that comb was a total life saver for the whole time I have to say). 

We made it to Lewisham birthing centre at 7pm on the Wednesday evening and I was admitted at 3cm. We were super lucky in that we were the only couple in - so we had a wonderful midwife and student midwife with us the whole time.

I spent a lot of the initial time in the pool and then out walking around. Things were a little slow at first, but once my first then second waters went (ALL over the room) we were good to go and our daughter Cleo was born at 4.55am on the Thursday morning! 

I had a pretty bad tear which needed stitching in theatre, but despite this I can honestly say I had an amazing labour and birth experience and I feel so lucky that I got what I really wished for my first baby’s birth."

Huge congratulations to Lucy, Joe and baby Cleo!


Lewisham Hospital Birth Centre, (London Borough of Greenwich)

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