Bluewater Antenatal Classes: Hypnobirthing Classes in Greenhithe, Kent

Pregnant and living in Kent?

Rise & Glow Group Hypnobirthing classes are designed to be a highlight of your pregnancy!

Join our Hypnobirthing classes in Bluewater Shopping Centre, Greenhithe to prepare for an easier, faster, more comfortable birth, while meeting other local parents-to-be living in Kent.

The perfect antenatal course for a glowing pregnancy, a positive birth & the best possible start to parenthood!

antenatal classes for pregnant women in Greenhithe looking for hypnobirthing

Kent Hypnobirthing Classes

Through our partnership with John Lewis, we are proud to host our antenatal classes in Bluewater Shopping centre, in a gorgeous private room just off the John Lewis shop floor. This cosy and modern venue is ideal for meeting other local parents-to-be from Sevenoaks, Rochester, Maidstones and elsewhere in Kent.

Our Bluewater antenatal course is ideally placed for pregnant mamas who are booked in for their antenatal care with Darent Valley Hospital, or any other hospitals and birth centres in Kent and Essex. 

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How to get here

Our Bluewater hypnobirthing course venue benefits from ample free parking. The venue is also accessible by multiple bus routes from Dartford, Rochester, Gravesend and many other towns through Kent, Essex and South East London. The nearest train station is Greenhithe for Bluewater.

Map of our Group Hypnobirthing Classes in Kent

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How are we different to NCT classes in Kent?

NCT classes are a traditional form of antenatal education established in the 1950s and were the only antenatal class available for a long time. On NCT classes, you would learn about baby care (e.g. how to change a nappy) as well the different forms of pharmacological pain relief available for a medicalised hospital birth.

You may learn a breathing technique for labour on NCT classes in Kent, but you won't usually learn Hypnobirthing tools, other than perhaps a brief introduction.

Rise & Glow courses are evidence-based, and fully up to date with the latest scientific research. Our Hypnobirthing classes focus on giving you the knowledge and tools for a positive birth, allowing you to feel relaxed, powerful and confident during your pregnancy, with plenty of opportunities to practice different Hypnobirthing techniques in class.

At the time of writing, NCT classes in Kent are priced at £369, in comparison to £235 for Rise & Glow Group Hypnobirthing Courses.

Some parents choose do Rise & Glow Hypnobirthing classes instead of NCT classes in Kent, while some parents choose to do both.

Rise & Glow Hypnobirthing courses and NCT classes in Kent are both brilliant opportunities to meet other local parents-to-be, so choose whichever will enable you to feel prepared and excited for the birth of your baby!

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