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Antenatal classes by 5*-rated Hypnobirthing Teacher Laura

Hey Mama! I'm Laura, Hypnobirthing specialist and mum to two cheeky little boys. I'm passionate about helping pregnant families like you feel strong, confident and fearless for your baby’s birth...

My antenatal classes provide you with practical tools to unleash your body’s natural power, allowing you to sail through your pregnancy, glowing with confidence about the day you'll meet your baby!


Founder of Rise & Glow Births

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"We have learnt so many practical tools that we can take with us into labour and the opportunity to try out different breathing techniques and relaxation exercises during the sessions with Laura was really beneficial. Laura was extremely knowledgeable, and we really valued her sharing her own experiences and insights of how Hypnobirthing can work in practice."


First Time Mum

Hey Mama! Congratulations on your pregnancy!

You already know that the next few months will be life-changing. There is so much to do – decorate the nursery, choose a pushchair, decide on a name... All the while your body is doing something incredible, growing a whole new human being. Amazing!

Maybe you’ve already chosen baby’s first little outfit. Maybe you’re starting to imagine your baby’s tiny wriggly toes in those cute little booties. It starts to hit home that baby will be here soon. It starts to feel REAL!

But before you get to smell your baby’s head for the first time, before you can enjoy those newborn cuddles, there is the BIRTH!

Nervous? Don’t worry, you’ve got this!

Honestly, I know exactly how you feel... When I saw my first ever positive pregnancy test, I was terrified at the idea of giving birth. 

Fortunately, my midwife told me to look into Hypnobirthing and since then, I’ve never looked back. I went on to give birth to both my children completely naturally, and loved every minute of both births! 

At no point during either birth did I feel anything I would describe as pain.

I felt strong, relaxed, and POWERFUL. I even said a few minutes afterwards that I couldn’t wait to do it again! 

Hypnobirthing Courses Bexley Greenwich and Woolwich
Parents-to-be feeling ready to meet their babies! Hypnobirthing - feel confident & relaxed as you prepare for birth

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Our Group Hypnobirthing Classes run every month in various locations around South East London and Kent - including Abbey Wood, Bexley, Greenwich, Sidcup and Woolwich.

Our antenatal classes are designed to be a real highlight of your pregnancy, allowing you to prepare for a positive birth, while meeting other parents-to-be in a fun and relaxed setting.

Alternatively, take a look at our Private 1:1 Hypnobirthing Classes (available in-person or online) and Free Online Hypnobirthing Mini-Masterclasses, available wherever you are in the world!

Group Hypnobirthing Courses (in person - Bexley & Greenwich)

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"It was the best experience of my life and I genuinely loved every minute...I knew my body was doing exactly what it needed to..."

Hannah, Second Time Mum

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Rise & Glow organise regular "Bump & Baby" walks and meet-ups in South East London & Kent. A perfect chance to meet other mamas-to-be in your local area!

No need to book - just turn up!

 The walks are weather-dependant, so date, time and location will be confirmed closer to the time in our Peanut group.

Peanut is a brilliant free app that allows you to meet other mamas and mamas-to-be in your local area. Making friends with other mums is such an important part of pregnancy and motherhood and I highly recommend this app to all my clients.

I've created a special group on Peanut ("Bexley Hypnobirthing") which contains loads of juicy Birth Preparation tips, Special Offers, and all the info you need on our regular "Bump & Baby" meet-ups!

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Happy Parents, Happy Babies!

Hear what previous clients have to say about our 5* rated antenatal courses...

We have just finished the Rise & Glow Birth Preparation and Hypnobirthing course, and cannot recommend it highly enough! Laura is a fantastic teacher, very knowledgable and empathetic. She has really helped us feel prepared and excited for the birth of our first child. For me, the best part has been learning the science behind what your body goes through during labour. We have also gained some great techniques and tips, which I’m looking forward to putting into practice, whatever kind of birth we end up having. Thank you Laura!


First Time Mum

I really loved the practical elements of the course - it gave us a good view of different birthing scenarios and how to be confident whatever happens. It was a really good experience for us as parents to be to complete the course together, we felt it was a real bonding experience as well as educating us through what could be a nerve-racking time. We are both feeling much calmer going towards labour and looking forward to our new arrival. I would recommend this course to any other couples and especially any new fathers-to-be!


First Time Dad

My partner and I have just completed the hypnobirthing course with Laura and are feeling excited for our first baby! We have gone from associating birth with words like “grim” “pain” and “sweaty” to “exciting“intense” and “baby-ready”!

We’ve also opted for a home birth which I never would have had the confidence to do before! Really recommend for anyone who wants to feel confident and ready for a positive birth experience! 


First Time Mum

Coming Soon! New course venues in Eltham, Lewisham and Greenwich launching in 2024. Please click below to register your interest in antenatal hypnobirthing courses in Greenwich

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Plus plenty of practical birth tips to help get you feeling calm, confident and prepared for your baby's birth!


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Bloomwell Pregnancy is an online health coaching service supporting women to make healthy lifestyle changes during pregnancy and beyond. Led by Chartered Health Psychologist & Pregnancy Health Coach, Dr Lauren Rockliffe.

Bloomwell pregnancy online health coaching partnership

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Lucy will help you capture those once-in-a-lifetime moments with maternity, birth, and newborn photography. She also offers birth doula services alongside her birth photography skills to be your companion on your big day.

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How are we different to NCT classes in South East London?

NCT classes are a traditional form of antenatal education established in the 1950s and were the only antenatal class available for a long time. On NCT classes, you would learn about baby care (e.g. how to change a nappy) as well the different forms of pharmacological pain relief available for a medicalised hospital birth.

You may learn a breathing technique for labour on NCT classes in South East London, but you won't usually learn Hypnobirthing tools, other than perhaps a brief introduction.

Rise & Glow courses are evidence-based, and fully up to date with the latest scientific research. Our Hypnobirthing classes focus on giving you the knowledge and tools for a positive birth, allowing you to feel relaxed, powerful and confident during your pregnancy, with plenty of opportunities to practice different Hypnobirthing techniques in class.

At the time of writing, NCT classes in South East London, are priced at £369, in comparison to £235 for Rise & Glow Group Hypnobirthing Courses.

Some parents choose do Rise & Glow Hypnobirthing classes instead of NCT classes in South East London, while some parents choose to do both.

Rise & Glow Hypnobirthing courses and NCT classes in South East London are both brilliant opportunities to meet other local parents-to-be, so choose whichever will enable you to feel prepared and excited for the birth of your baby!

Find Antenatal Classes near me

Group Hypnobirthing Classes

Find Group Hypnobirthing Classes near me

Private 1:1 Birth Prep Coaching

Private hypnobirthing in your own home (SE London and Kent) or online

My Mission

My mission is to help every mama everywhere love her pregnancy, enjoy a positive birth & have the best possible start to motherhood!

Laura xx

hypnobirthing teacher Bexley and Sidcup

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