My Story

Hi lovely, I’m Laura! I live in Abbey Wood in South East London with my husband Cyrille, our two gorgeous little boys Xavier and Max, and our cat Maggie. 

the hypnobirthing teacher when she was pregnant - she is smiling and looking at her bump

I love being outdoors, running, yoga, and the not-so-occasional Gin & Tonic. These days I am happiest when out and about, charging round after my toddler Xavier, with baby Max snuggled in a sling on my chest.  

After almost a decade of working in Engineering, I decided to follow my real passion and train as a Hypnobirthing instructor.

Quite a change of career! Here’s the story of how I got there… 

Why I teach Hypnobirthing

When I was pregnant with my first baby, I spent my first trimester absolutely dreading giving birth. As the weeks went by, I felt like I had this shadow looming over my pregnancy. Birth seemed like this unavoidable ordeal I would have to go through, and it was inching ever closer. 

 Fortunately, my wonderful midwife told me to look into Hypnobirthing. I had never heard of it before. When she saw me give her an odd look, she laughed and promised me that it’s not anywhere near as hippy as it sounds! 

Initially I was definitely sceptical. However, I was amazed to discover that Hypnobirthing isn’t hippy at all, but completely scientific and logical. I was hooked! 

My husband quickly got on board with how logical and practical it all was, and enjoyed learning the science about how we are actually perfectly designed to give birth. Together we learnt the tools we needed to make our baby’s birth an amazing, positive experience.  

the hypnobirthing teacher after the birth of her first baby - the baby is sleeping on her chest and the mother is relaxed and smiling
Feeling like superwoman after Xavier's birth!

A life changing experience

For the rest of my pregnancy, I felt like I was floating on a cloud. I was calm, confident and actually excited about giving birth!  

I knew it would be the best day of my life. 

Sure enough I went on to have a wonderful birth! I didn’t use any pain-relief – the Hypnobirthing tools and the support of my wonderful husband were all I needed. What’s more, I loved every single minute of it! 

At no point did I feel anything I would describe as pain. It was definitely hard work, but I loved it. From start to finish, I felt so alive, so euphoric – it really was the best experience of my life! 

I even said a few minutes after Xavier was born that I couldn’t wait to do it again! 

Spreading the word

Before finding Hypnobirthing, I never even imagined it was possible to give birth without pain-relief drugs, let alone actually enjoy it. However, the natural high I felt was better than any drug, and the effects lasted for weeks – I sailed through the tricky newborn phase, feeling like I was glowing. 

I realised how important it is that every woman should know these techniques, and be able to love their birth like I did.  18 months later, while pregnant with my second baby, I took the plunge and decided to train as a Hypnobirthing instructor so I can help as many pregnant people as possible. 

I went on to birth my second son Max naturally too, using Hypnobirthing techniques to gently breathe him out.  It was certainly intense, but again, not painful. Max came out so calm and alert that he didn’t even cry. He just casually started breathing with a little cough as I scooped him up and held him to my chest. The midwives said it was an amazing birth to be a part of – my husband and I loved every minute too! 

My Positive Birth Stories

Rise & Glow was born

In June 2022, two months after Max was born, I launched Rise & Glow Births.

I named my business after my sons’ births - after the sunrise I watched when in labour with Xavier, and the soft glow of the full moon I laboured under for Max.

I am passionate about helping other families have the best start to parenthood too, through a relaxed, confident pregnancy and a positive birth.  

Birth isn’t just a day – the memories last a lifetime.  

It’s your time to Rise & Glow! 

the hypnobirthing teacher with her two children - she is standing in shallow water at the sea with the baby wrapped in a colourful sling on her chest, while her toddler stands in front of her, looking for pebbles in the sea
Adventures with Xavier & Max!