Free Hypnobirthing Online Mini-Masterclass!

A Mini-Masterclass in Hypnobirthing, delivered online via Zoom, straight to the comfort of your own home!

Free Hypnobirthing Class

After this online Hypnobirthing Mini-Masterclass, you will be GLOWING with confidence about your ability to birth your baby! You will be armed with practical tools to prepare for birth effectively and fully enjoy the rest of your pregnancy. 

Curl up on the sofa with a cuppa and learn about:

  • Essential birth-prep for during your pregnancy
  • Practical techniques to confidently manage your contractions 
  • Simple tools for your birth partner to best support you
  • How to make the right choices for you and your baby 
  • The mind-blowing truth about how your body is designed to give birth!


When: Weds 4th October 2023, 8:30pm

Where: Zoom

How much: FREE!

The session will last for 45 minutes, plus time for questions. Suitable for all stages of pregnancy and/or TTC (trying to conceive). It is highly recommended your birth partner attends too, but you are more than welcome to join by yourself if they aren't available. 

Attendees will also receive an exclusive gift after the session: my "Prep Like a Pro" Birth Preparation Schedule to help you implement what you've learnt!

Free hypnobirthing class for a confident pregnancy
Free hypnobirthing class for a confident pregnancy
happy hypnobirthing clients new parents with their newborn baby after a positive and empoiwering birth

Client Testimonial:

"Overall I can honestly say that labour was an incredible experience and even though it didn’t end exactly how we envisioned, every single moment was a really positive experience... The knowledge gained through the course meant I felt confident and excited at every stage. Most importantly it enabled my husband to be the best birthing partner I could ask for. He knew exactly what I wanted at each point and I couldn’t have done it without him!"


First time Mum

"I feel much more calm about birth and labour and I feel I have gained a lot of knowledge on what to expect when it happens, the science behind what happens at each stage and how best to cope with it."

Rumaysa, First Time Mum

Meet your Hypnobirthing Teacher

Laura is a qualified hypnobirthing specialist and mum to two boys. She is passionate about helping women enjoy a glowing pregnancy and prepare for a positive birth!

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"It changed so many misconceptions about birth and I feel so much more prepared to look after my partner throughout."


First Time Dad