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  1. VBAC at Darent Valley Hospital: second time mum positive natural birth after a previous Caesarean

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    I was so honoured to be at this birth and see this strong determined mama bring her baby girl into this world. I am still in awe. Here's Japnoor's birth story, as told by her incredible mummy Kiran:


    VBAC darent valley hospital se london kent

    My first pregnancy was during the Covid lockdown in 2020. I was working from home and wasn't able to access much support face to face. Everything was via telephone. My baby boy arrived in November of 2020. I got to 10cm dilated, but due to our heart rates dropping, he came via an emergency c-section at QE hospital Woolwich.  I was devastated. My overall experience was traumatic however, I did learn a lot. 


    When I fell pregnant the second time, I was adamant that I did not want another c-section. I was going to have my VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Caesarean). This is what I told myself throughout my pregnancy. 


    One day I was scrolling through Instagram and Rise & Glow hypnobirthing page popped up. I had a look and I decided to contact Laura. This was the best decision I made. I attended Laura's Hypnobirthing classes and they were amazing. I learned so much. Additionally, I followed a lot of birthing pages on Instagram, which really helped with my knowledge on having a VBAC. 


    As me and my husband didn’t get the right support the first time, I decided to contact Laura again after our classes and asked if she would be able to assist me during the birth itself. To my surprise she said yes! She was able to come in as my second birth partner. I was super excited. 


    My due date was the 3rd November (my first born’s birthday)! On Friday 27th October I started having period type pains. I initially thought they were braxton hicks and carried on. I did however notice I was losing my mucus plug but didn't think much of it. As my due date approached, I was losing more and more mucus plug. 

    On Wednesday 1st November at around 6am in the morning things really started to gear up. I woke up, went to the bathroom and I had my bloody show, I instantly knew I was in labour. I timed my contractions and they were coming in every 10mins. 


    I took some pain killers and decided to go back to sleep. I must have had a 20 minutes nap but I couldn't settle. So I woke up, had a cup of tea and started bouncing on my birthing ball. I told my husband I think the baby will be coming soon and he started to get things ready. I managed to make some cheese on toast and had a glass of fresh juice (made the night before). I called my mum to tell her I'm dropping my son to her. 


    By midday my contractions were coming every 5 mins. We dropped our son to my mum’s and headed straight to the hospital. This time Darent Valley hospital. I remember the car journey was super intense. I asked my husband to put our birth playlist on and I was doing the breathing exercises I learned in Laura's classes. I managed to message Laura to tell her I'm on my way to the hospital.


    We got to Darent Valley hospital at 2.30pm and I was seen in Tambootie ward. By now the surges were coming in strong, I was in tears but still kept calm. I consented to be examined, and to my surprise I was 5cm dilated!


    10 mins after examination the surges were coming in fast, they started to take my breath away. By this point I was wheeled to delivery suite. I tried to implement more of the breathing techniques I learned in the Hypnobirthing classes but everything happened so fast. Laura just about made it in time as I was starting to bear baby down. She was so supportive alongside my husband and the midwives and student midwife were absolutely amazing throughout.


    I was taking deep breaths using the gas and air during each surge while our spiritual music Gurbani Kirtan was playing. It was pretty tough and I definitely shouted for an epidural a couple of times but it was way too late for that! My husband, Laura and the midwives were all cheering me on, rubbing my back, and helping me breathe.


    I moved into an upright position, supported by my birth team and with a couple more big pushes, baby girl was here by 5pm. 


    I GOT MY VBAC!  


    I honestly had the most positive birthing experience. It was the complete opposite to my first birth. With the right support and tools I got my VBAC. I'm forever grateful. Thank you ♥️ 


    VBAC darent valley hospital se london kent


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  2. Positive Caesarean Birth after Induction at Darent Valley Hospital

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    Hypnobirthing is for every type of birth. It's not just for natural births and water births, but it's also incredibly valuable for medicalised births. The most important thing is not the mechanics of how your baby is born, but how you FEEL about your experience before, during and after birth...

    > Did you feel in control?

    > Did you feel well-equipped?

    > Did you feel supported?

    In this Positive Caesarean birth story, first time Mum Aimi tells the story of how Hypnobirthing helped during her C-Section.

    Positive Caesarean at Darent Valley Hospital

    My birth wasn’t a physiological water birth as planned but in the end I was okay with that and felt well prepared for every eventually- much due to the HypnoBirthing course which went through all different birth plans including C section. I had written this ‘plan c’ using the template Laura gave us.  The techniques learnt in the sessions helped me and my partner throughout pregnancy, birth and the period afterwards. 

    As I approached 41 weeks, I was going for lots of walks, doing all the old wives tales and thinking ‘my baby will come when my baby is ready…’ I was calm and started to weigh up options. It was great talking to the other women from the course, using BRAIN and hearing their experiences of a sweep. At my 41 week midwife appointment, I decided to have a sweep. Not the most comfortable thing but using the up breathing technique and remembering ‘floppy jaw’ helped massively. I was 1cm dilated and went home for a long walk. I was getting some contractions and the mucus plug came away. I left the midwife by booking in an outpatient induction at Darent Valley Hospital two days later just in case .

    I got to the induction date, and after much thought and consideration of my options, I decided to go in. The midwives at the hospital were fantastic and spoke through options, never pressuring me into anything. I decided to go with rods- a non hormonal option that expands the cervix. I was still 1cm. Again breathing and staying relaxed, as well as birth partner support reminding me of these things, helped with this. I was happy I chose an outpatient induction and got to go home for a good nights sleep. I slept well and had some more contractions throughout the night. I played the HypnoBirthing tracks as I went to sleep. I had done this throughout pregnancy and so these made me feel relaxed and positive. 

    At 8am, I arrived back at the hospital to have the rods taken out. Firstly, I had a CTG to check the baby. During this the baby’s heart rate dropped and the midwife quickly went into action and I was taken to theatre. As I was wheeled there, I remember feeling calm and going through the positive affirmations in my head. My husband kept reminding me to breathe and did this with me. The baby’s heart rate went back up and I had a cervical examination. The midwife noticed something squishy that didn’t feel like her head. A consultant came to do an ultrasound and they couldn’t tell if the umbilical cord was in the way. We decided that the safest thing to do was a C-section rather than break the waters. I was 2cm now. 

    The midwives, consultant and anesthetist were incredible, keeping me calm, relaxed and positive. I can’t thank them enough. Throughout the whole C section I felt this way and continued with my breathing techniques. This was very grounding and helped both me and my birth partner to focus on something. He was amazing stroking my head and using the affirmations we had talked about in the course. He felt confident and informed of the procedure, having gone through it with my birth plan. We spoke through options with the midwives with skin to skin and delayed cord clamping being important to me. They offered to put on music however in that moment I didn’t want it and felt good just talking to my partner and breathing. The moment we saw our little girl over the screen was emotional and amazing, and so were the skin to skin cuddles with her rooting at my cheek looking for milk. Having arrived at the hospital at 8am, she was born less than 2 hours later at 9.57am! 

    Afterwards I found out that it was jelly from the cord that they could feel, and I was at peace with the birth and all the decisions made, knowing we had taken it step by step and were very considered in these.

    During my recovery, I even continued to play the HypnoBirthing tracks to feel relaxed and get to sleep for naps! I feel very fortunate to have had such fantastic support from the hospital, my birth partner and the techniques and people I met from the course.

    The best thing was feeling empowered, confident and in full control throughout my birthing experience. 

    Huge congratulations Aimi and Nikita on the birth of their beaby girl Eleni, and thank you for sharing your positive birth story!


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