Black Friday Special Hypnobirthing Workshop

A fun, interactive and practical Group Hypnobirthing Workshop, focussing on the practical side of Birth Preparation!

Our most Affordable Hypnobirthing class!

This intensive 2.5 hour online workshop focuses on the practical side of Hypnobirthing, and you'll have opportunities to try out these incredible tools and techniques during the session as part of a group of other parents-to-be! 

Grab your birth partner and get ready to:

  • Learn the mind-blowing truth about how your body is naturally designed to give birth
  • Practice tried-and-tested coping techniques to comfortably manage your contractions
  • Prepare for a positive birth through regular practice and mindset work during your pregnancy
  • Plan with your birth partner how they can best support you through every step of the big day
  • Arm yourself with practical techniques to confidently and easily birth your baby!


When: Wednesday 7th December, 8pm - 10:30pm

Price: £22 (60% off usual price with Black Friday discount!)

Where: Zoom, straight to your sofa!

After this practical and hands-on workshop, you and your birth partner will be ready to prepare for your baby's birth as a TEAM! You will know how to work with your body's natural POWER, rather than against it. You will be GLOWING with confidence about your ability to birth your baby, meaning you can truly relax and fully enjoy the rest of your pregnancy. 

online hypnobirthing class for a confident pregnancy
Online Group hypnobirthing workshop focussing on the practical side of birth prep

**Black Friday Deal!**

All this for only £22! 

--> This is an incredible 60% off the regular price of £55!

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**Black Friday Bonus**: Included in the price, you will also get my support via WhatsApp for one week after the Workshop. Perfect for if you have any questions after the course :-)

homebirth a new mum kisses her newborn, while her partners hugs them both in the birth pool

Client Testimonial:

"Learning the science behind it all made me feel a lot more involved and that I could support my partner during her pregnancy and birth. The course made me realise how important my role is as birth terms of prepping, planning, and the actual birth experience."


First time Dad

This workshop is perfect for you if...

You want quick and affordable Hypnobirthing: maybe you're short on time/budget and aren't able to commit to a full Hypnobirthing course

You want a concise antenatal class that focusses on practical techniques: maybe you work late or have an older child to look after so a one-off online workshop suits you best

All levels of knowledge are welcome: you can be totally new to hypnobirthing or maybe you've given birth to three Hypnobabies already!