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Second-time Mum Speedy & Positive Induction Birth Story

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Second-time parents Alison and Michael in Chelmsford had a difficult experience with their first birth. So during our classes we went through techniques to help them feel calmer and more confident for the birth of their second baby. Here's their positive birth story:
Hypnobirthing essex newborn
I was induced Monday at 39+4 at midday, I was having contractions on and off all day in the ward…Michael was able to stay with me until 8.30 pm. At that point my contractions had calmed down again.
I was managing pain with adopting different positions - I also felt like the contractions intensify when I was on all fours… which I was all for because I just wanted it over! I watched my fave tv programme and breathed through each one!
The contractions were coming intense at 12am so i started on the gas and air, by 2am i was only 2cm dilated and was so disheartened!

A midwife ran me a bath around 3.15 and as soon as i got in I felt a pop and my waters had broken, I was examined again and was 5cm so was taken down to deliver suite and called Michael.

By the time I was taken to delivery suite I was 10cm and ready to push… no time for my epidural!

Michael got there with 15 mins to spare and after a few pushes I gave birth (I know what you mean about the ring of fire!!) very quick and very painful but we’re both safe and well! ☺️

Thank you so much for all your support, I really appreciate it. I would definitely recommend hypnobirthing to everyone!


Huge congatrulations to Alison and Michael - thank you for sharing your story to help other parents-to-be!


Hypnobirthing essex second time mum

Hypnobirthing essex newborn baby


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